the inspection

Before starting any design proposal, we like to visit the location where you want us to create your special green space.

This is a fundamental part of our operation as it is important for us to fully understand your needs, so that with our interventions and inspirations we establish a synergy with your specific environment and ensure the perfect and successful final implementation of your project.

preliminary draft

This phase allows us to create a draft design that represents the first level of definition in the drafting of a subsequent final proposal.

definitive project

This is the first draft of the plan for the execution of the project. It is used as a detailed guide for the execution of the work. At the same time, a cost estimate will be drawn up which indicates each element of the design and the related action required and identified together with the quality of any items purchased, their size, quantity and price.

realization of the agreed plan

Our company will translate into actions and deliver final results against whatever has been defined and agreed in the previous phases, creating your own personalised "green space" or garden, just like you imagined.

delivery of the project

We like to think that when we deliver a project to our customers we experience the same emotions that we would feel when presenting a gift to a friend! if we think rationally we should not be emotionally involved because the project is a commission but in reality the process is very emotional for us because we know that all the green spaces we create belong to everyone who looks at them, which reminds us that by creating a garden for our clients to enjoy at the same tine we are also nourishing our own souls !!

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