We are privileged people, who live surrounded by sensations, immersed in beauty, in scents and colours, under nature's bountiful gifts of the sun and the rain, with wonderful things growing around us. Our continuous contact with nature has allowed us to develop and cultivate simple thoughts. In simplicity there is harmony, purity and perfection. With this spirit we face every new job which is entrusted to us.

Creating a garden carries a great responsibility! It is an addition to the landscape that will enhance the environment if we choose to introduce plants compatible with the climatic characteristics of the place where we are! It will help nature, by recreating habitats for the animals or insects we need to survive and it will be a source of seasonal joy for those who will be taking care of it! Creating a garden requires attention to detail from the preparation of the soil to the planting of the plants and for a successful result no element of the plan can ever be rushed or overlooked. The beauty of the finished garden is the consequence of everything that is happening unseen underneath the earth and all the hard work that came before!!! Indeed sometimes we forget these facts !!!

Visualising a garden in Tuscany is easy! Just think about the beautiful postcards of the Val d'Orcia and the Val di Chiana, landscapes that have already been created perfectly by nature itself. Our nursery has based its concepts on the constant use of the essential essences of the Mediterranean in its planting schemes therefore creating gardens by making them seem like extensions of the surrounding landscape and not disruptions of it.