Marco Casucci

"The passionate expert"

He is a man passionate about his work. He invests a lot in what he believes can further develop his skills, he is always intrigued by new projects, and is constantly striving for personal and business growth. He loves plants, exploring new locations, motor cycle holidays and wine.


"The designer of dreams"

She is a woman who wants to find an outlet for her work which enables her to express her ideas and give them an aesthetic sense. She loves a loy of different styles and is careful to resource the perfect accessories that compliment and complete each of her creations. She cultivates flowers which invoke the perfect atmosphere whilst at the same time carefully chooses high quality fabrics, perfumes and refined products to complete the look. She loves music and shoes.


"Our gentle giant"

Since his first day with us he has always behaved like a professional mature man, even though he had only just graduated from university! An Agritourist and profound connoisseur of nature, he is an expert reference for all his teammates even if he does not like to be the center of attention! Thanks to his work ethic, he finds the strength to solve and overcome every difficulty we come across! Being thoughtful and sometimes stubborn, he always successfully completes all his professional ventures, by drawing upon his personal inspiration, experience and motivation. He loves trees, mountains, photography and travelling.

The Team


Mattia, Enrico, Alessandro, Yuri, Francesca, Athanase, Girolamo, Giovanni, and Luca are the very important people in our team who ensure the perfect execution of our designs. Customers entering a garden centre want to have a guarantee of seeing their green project realized, which in turn will give them great pleasure for years to come. Our customers are looking to pay a fair price for quality work and are willing to pay more for a service if it's worth it. They are looking for experts with a vision who can create a space where they can visualise their personal passions, enjoy stunning plants, have room to play, take great photos and cook. Our gardening team are passionate about their work and they make an outstanding and invaluable contribution to our constantly evolving company projects.

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